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Gavin O'Loghlen

Gavin started playing bagpipes at 11 years of age and played for a number of years in pipe bands and in Highland competitions. Upon entering university to study a degree in drama, he added guitar, keyboards and flute to his list of instruments. During the course of his studies there was a gradual shift from acting, which was his major, to writing music for theatre productions. This tended to take the form of atmospheric pieces using synthesizers and banks of keyboards and was compared to the symphonic progressive sounds of early Genesis and King Crimson, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel. The theatre productions gradually evolved to became more complex and eventually ended up as rock operas - theatre pieces of between 90 and 120 minutes all sung and performed to a musical soundtrack with live musicicans.

Gavin also returned to his musical roots with the creation of "Cotter Bequest" a progressive Celtic ensemble that used Highland, Uilleann, Northumbrian and Scottish small pipes amid layers of keyboards, guitars and vocals. Cotters Bequest have released three albums and are currently writing and recording their fourth.

Anne Dormer

Anne was born in Middlesex and came to Australia as a child. She is a successful artist designing and presenting a number of CD covers for independent releases. She has been playing bass guitar, keyboards and performing as a vocalist on a number of CD releases. She has been the founding member and bass player of Cotters Bequest and has appeared in numerous theatre productions.

Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith is a folk singer songwriter who has composed and recorded three albums.

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