Anne Dormer

Anne Dormer is a successful artist who works in the areas of CD cover design and illustration, children's books and exhibitions. Having graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Fine Art, Diploma in Education and a Bachelor of Education, Anne taught art to a vast range of people from five years olds to adults.

For Locrian Records CD releases, Anne has developed the concept of using original art devised and developed as a response to the places and issues covered in the songs. It is a parallel interpretation of the subject matter- one musical and lyrical, the other visual.

Anne works in a variety of mediums - pen and ink, coloured pencil, pastels and acrylics. The style and feeling of the subject matter and the music, dictate the medium and the style of the illustrations.


Anne performs with the Australian Celtic ensemble "Cotters Bequest". She plays fretless bass guitar, bass pedals and vocals. She lives in the Adelaide Hills with her husband and daughter.


A number of the reduced art works are featured on this page and within this website.


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