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Progressive music directory

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Australian Music directory

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CD and LP Online music store of progressive celtic music

Connecting Spirits World War One CD

Prog Freak Progressive Celtic music

Connecting spirits website

Librarius metallicus Metal website of recording artists

Adelaide Recording Studios Best studio in Adelaide

The Invisible Seams Adelaide 70's style band

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The Age Solar powered recording studios

Gurdy girl Hurdy gurdy performer

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Amazon Buy Cotters Bequest CDs

Celtic Republic of Appalachia Celtic music site in USA

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Musician's Network Directory of Celtic bands

Selkirk Celts USA pipe band

Welsh music groups

Kids music directory

Bagpipes around the world Bagpipe site from the Netherlands

TV Scots USA Celtic radio station

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Yahoo Celtic music labels

Catherine Fraser Australian Celtic fiddle player

SA Scottish music contacts

4Celts for fans of Irish celtic music

Locrian Records Recordings

Furious ENNUI Reviews of Progressive Celtic music

Magikal Moon Mystical side of Progressive Celtic music

Linda Rankin Locrian Records artist and stunning celtic fiddle player

Rock Net Webzine Radio station of new Progressive Celtic music

Celtic music labels

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SA recording studios

All things Celtic

New age, ambient, celtic, new age music

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Accordions Spanish website for all things accordion

Emlyn and Jodie Accapella vocals

Recording studio South Australian recording studio

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Victoria Anderson SA classical vocalist

Dressage music

Paul Chester SA celtic keyboard player

Traditional Irish music artists

Music Promotion All sorts of music styles

Nine Below Zero A slick British rhythm and blues band

Tony's Celtic Music Page An informative collection of information on Celtic music

Folk Music Home Page An excellent collection of information on British Folk and Celtic artists and music

Irish Family History Foundation for your Irish roots.

Irish Music Magazine for news, views and more on the Irish Folk and Trad scene.

Official Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann Web Site for traditional Irish Music and Culture

harp.net for Festivals, Summerschools, Irish Harp Organisations, Albums, Magazines and a Harp Bulletin Board.

Celtic Wonder a stylish site of Celtic music and information

The Capital Scot a Scottish site for Celtic music and information

Cerdd Ystwyth a Welsh site of Celtic music and information

TradSoc an Irish site for Celtic music and various resources

Irish Network a informative site for all things Irish

Irish Music Directory a comprehensive site of Irish music contacts

Nerd World Index a subject index for searching the internet

Web Wombat a search engine for searching Australian and NZ websites

Amazing Sounds a review site for Ambient and Celtic music

Live Irish Music a comprehensive list of Celtic and Irish artists from all over the world.

Celtic, Charles Rennie Mackintosh & Scottish Watches & Gifts

Celtic Traditional Music - Huge range of people interested in a huge range of Traditional Celtic music

Lore of the Celts - Great group of people interested in a huge range of various Celtic music and styles




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