In the Home of My Ancestors

Gavin O'Loghlen & Cotters Bequest

A musical voyage through the Kingdom of Munster, Ireland, tracing the places, people and events that led to the emigration of my great grandparents. This is one Australian's musical interpretation of the Land of his Ancestors.

The nucleus of Cotters Bequest has come from the Celtic fusion band "Lochrien" and they have continued to develop the melding of traditional Celtic instruments and modern electronic equipment to create an unique sound in Australian Celtic music. The band has gained three new members who have added fiddle, cello and accordion to the growing sound which includes low and tin whistles; Northumbrian, uilleann, highland and small pipes; string quartet, bodhran and didjeridu; all wrapped in rich layers of guitars, keyboards and haunting Irish Gaelic vocals.

Progressive Celtic Music

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