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Tracks featured :

1. The Road to Glenhelen (Finnen)

Chris wrote this tune during a six week stay at Glenhelen Gorge in the Northern Territory. Nice work, if you can get it!


2. Leavetaking (Chew)

Rick wrote this tune on the isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland about 10 years ago. The anonymous lyrics of "The Lowlands of Holland" seemed a perfect fit for the emotion of the tune.


3. Here We Go Again (Rankin)

Linda was inspired to write this tune after hearing the jazz fiddlers from the Hawkesbury Fiddle Festival. What Django Reinhart might have written after a few drams of malt whiskey.

4. Leap Year / Black is the Colour (Finnen / Chew)

The fusion on this track is what 'Various People' is all about. Chris wrote the tune, Rick wrote a middle section and we added a soulful ballad from Northumberland for Cheryl - beautiful synthesis!


5. Fiddle Set

:Mum's Knitting Needles - Rankin)
Linda says "My Mum's knitting is her thread to now".
:Bulgarian Red - a great session tune by Charlie McKerron.
:Islay Rant, or Charlie McKerron's
another great tune from the Capercaille fiddler.
:Ernie's Scones - Rankin)
A tribute to the legendary scones made by Linda's
stepfather,pipe major Ernie Dowler.


6. Ailein Duinn (trad arr Chew)

This haunting and well-known lament for a lover lost at sea is given a beautiful new arrangement by Rick, inspired by the image of a lighthouse beam sweeping the restless sea.

7. Great Shining Island (Chew)

Rick named this tune in honour of his recent move to Australia, which the Polish composer Gorecki described as "that great shining island in the south".


8. Desert Sunrise / Dusty Ridge (Rankin)

Linda spent much of 2004 travelling around Australia with her family, and came home with these gorgeous tunes inspired by the landscape she travelled through.


9. Love Song (trad)

The words are a Yiddish translation of the text from the Song of Songs: '"Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death".

10. Miles Away (Finnen)

Chris wrote the first two verses of this song in 1975, during a rather bleak period of his life, and the last three verses 27 years later in 2002, inspired by "an ancient lump of rock"'in the Australian outback. The land was Chris's inspiration - he is ours.


11. Song in Space (Chew / Mitchell)

Rick has wanted to set this beautiful poem by Adrian Mitchell for ages. We thought it would make a fitting epilogue for the album.

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