Threads Linda Rankin


A stunning collection of original. traditional and contemporary Celtic music featuring the world class Scottish fiddle playing of Linda Rankin in a tapestry of guitars, keyboards, pipes, percussion and lush vocals.

Music is a magic thread, an intricate connection between past, present and future between family members, friends and strangers creating a link for our children and their children. It can now travel the world at the speed of light and joins lives that distance would have made impossible, wrapping us in many textures and colours.
We weave our threads into intricate designs that neither have endings or beginnings, made from the threads of countless others woven with our own, our mentors, our teachers, great musicians past and present. Some even share our lives.
We carry our ever changing designs with us all our lives weaving threads into the future. Everyone's threads stretching on and on and on.....

Linda Rankin


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