Linda is one of Australia's leading Scottish fiddlers. She has been involved with Scottish music since starting her musical training. She initiated and is artistic director of The Adelaide Scottish Fiddle Club which promotes and teaches the music of Scotland and Cape Breton. The club perform at local festivals, events and produces a yearly concert. Having performed all round Australia, Linda has a wealth of experience always sharing her love of the Music of Scotland along with her own musical compositions.

Recently, Linda has been collaborating with British composer and pianist Richard Chew, singer Cheryl Pickering, Jazz trumpeter Ian Dickson and Blues guitarist Chris Finnen in a musical venture called 'Various People'. They released their first album in December 2006.

Threads is Linda's 2nd solo album and is a reflection of Linda's musical roots and new directions. Since meeting Chris, Linda has begun a musical friendship which sees them collaborating once more to create a new musical accent. And with guitarist Tony Schick, with whom she performs more traditional arrangements as duo "Scotch Myst", and her father Ern Dowler on highland pipes, there is certainly a strong thread to the roots of her musical past.

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