Robert Dawe - Bass Baritone
Mark Symons - Pipe Organ - Wesley Uniting Church, Kent Town
Ashleigh Tobin - Pipe Organ -Elder Hall University of Adelaide
Anne Ademek - Piano - Prince Alfred College Chapel

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gavin O'Loghlen Locrian Records, Lenswood SA.
Cover design and layout by Gavin O'Loghlen.



1 "Mary's Boy Child" (Jamacian Spiritual)
2 "The Little Road to Bethlehem" (Michael Head)
3 "As Mary walked upon the Hill" (Arthur Somervell)
4 Recit. "Lo where the plenteous harvest waved"
Aria "Behold along the dewy grass" (Seasons - Haydn)
5 Arioso. "Come ponder O my soul"
(St. John Passion - J.S. Bach)
6 "An die Musik" (To Music - Franz Schubert)
7 "Ständchen" (Serenade - Franz Schubert)
8 Aria "Quia fecit mihi Magna" (For He that is mighty)
(Magnificat in D - J.S. Bach)
9 Recit. "Blest be the Lord"
Aria "What though I trace each herb and flower"
(Solomon - G.F.Handel)
10 "When Sweet Ann sings" (Michael Head)
11 "Wandering the King's Highway" (Leslie Coward)
12 Recit. "Gold now is common"
Aria "How green our fertile pastures"
(Solomon - G.F. Handel)
13 "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen"
(Negro Spiritual arr. Burleigh)
14 "Ah! Sweet mystery of life" (Victor Herbert)
15 "Ave Maria" (Bach - Gounod)

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 3. As Mary walked upon the hill

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 7. Ständchen

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 15. Ave Maria

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