Raven Black Night Choose The Dark CD


At last the long awaited studio album from "Raven Black Night" fusing elements of the ancient masters such as Black Sabbath, Dio, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Kiss and St Vitus to the more chaotic and modern sounds of Sleep, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Paradise Lost, Cathedral and High on Fire.


Joe Toscano

The Duke


Jim Petkoff

The White Knight

Clean Vocals

Lead Guitar

Matt Spencer

The Black Knight

Bass / Death Vocals

Reno Amorino

The Raven

Rhythm Guitar



"When the moon is full, and your heart is dark, join us in the night. The Raven Black Night.

Song Titles

1 Morbid Gladiator

2 My Love is Holy

3 Gothic Black

4 Nocturnal Birth

5 Swamped

6 If you Choose the Dark (Quicktime audio file)

7 Blood on my Wings (Quicktime audio file)

8 Morbid Soul

9 Guitar Solo

10 Princess Morticia

11 Ancient Mist (Quicktime audio file)

Playing Time: 57 minutes 21 seconds

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