A Point On The Map

Karen Burton


Karen Burton : Acoustic guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals

Gavin O'Loghlen : Keyboards, bass

Artwork by Anne Dormer

Please Note: All samples are of a very reduced sound quality

Quicktime format 22k, 8 bit, mono

The actual CD sound quality is vastly superior to these samples

CDs are 44.1k, 20 bit, stereo

Quicktime Player is available free from Quicktime

 1 Roof Of The World 4.51


 2 Tom 2.54


 3 Twelve Mile Creek 3.21


 4 Thousands Of Years 3.08


 5 True Heroes 3.39


 6 Fruit Of Our Labour 4.32


 7 Easy Water 3.37


 8 A Hundred Pounds More 3.32


 9 Mind Over Matter 3.02


 10 Run For Cover 1.58


 11 As Time Rolls By 3.36


 12 Gina 5.15


 13 One More Day (in this city) 2.21


 14 A Point On The Map 4.41



Total playing time 50.13

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