Jack Brennan Piper's Dream

Background to the songs

Tracks featured :

1 An air from 9/11 (Amazing Grace)

A simple tune with a powerful message. I recall hearing it sung so passionately after the tragedy of 9/11.


2 Megumi's Gift

Megume Suzuki was a young student from Japan who was studying in Adelaide. She tragically lost her life in 2001. I wrote the first tune in memory of her in January 2002. The second tune is a traditional Japanese tune.


3 Autumn Leaves

This is my favourite tune on the album. I play it in the key of B flat, which involves a lot of key work on the chanter. I learnt it originally from Paul Chester and have added my own variations. I play it in the style of a slow air. Thanks Paul.

4 The Hollybush
The Hunter's Purse
Mrs McLeods

The first tune I heard played by Sean Potts, a Dublin piper. The second tune I have always played, and the third tune is a version by the famous Irish American piper Patsy Touhey.


5 Gabriel's Oboe

I was asked to play this fantastic tune at a wedding many years ago. Originally written for oboe, the tune fits nicely on the pipes.


6 Madam Bonaparte

This was one of the first uilleann pipe tunes I heard after buying an album by the brilliant piper Finbar Fury. I love the passion Finbar puts into his music and was fortunate to meet him and his brothers years later in Adelaide

7 Joe Ryan's Air (Danny Boy)

I played this beautiful melody at the funeral of Joe Ryan, a good friend, who died tragically in August 2004. The tune was composed by a harpist in the 1700s, with the words for 'Danny Boy' being written in the 1930s.


8 Willie Clancy's Reel
Boys of Portaferry
The Ladies Pantalettes

Three reels that I first heard played by the famous Irish group, 'Planxty'


9 Mexican Romance

A friend gave me this melody on a tape and I just loved it. Usually played as a classical guitar piece, I have adapted it to suit the pipes and added a harmony line.

10 The Sun In The Stream

A beautiful tune I first heard played on an Enya album. The title has a strong connection to the melody.


11 Cuchulainn's Lament

Composed by Bill Whelan, it is one of the great tunes that came out of River Dance. The keyboards and pipes go together in this tune like peaches and cream.


12 The Kenmare Mazurka
Jack's Mazurka
Dublin Mazurka

I composed the first two mazurkas, however I am not sure where the third tune comes from. Mazurkas were originally a Polish traditional tune, but the Irish have many of their own.


13 Largo

I was sitting in a Hotel in the South Australian town of Tanunda when I heard this tune played over the sound system. I felt it would be a good tune to play on the uilleann pipes.

14 Sport
Planxty Browne

The first jig was composed by Paeder O'Riada. The second jig was composed by Turloch O'Carolan, the famous blind Irish harpist.


15 Over The Rainbow

One of the greatest melodies from the last century, I have heard it described as 'The greatest melody ever written'. It's hard to disagree.


16 The Humours of Glendart
Brian O'Lynn
Pay The Reckoning

Three jigs that I like to play and have played for years.


17 La Toque Bleu
Donald McDonald's Reel
Walking On The Moon

I believe the first tune is a French Canadian tune. The other two tunes are Scottish reels with a lovely lilt and twist.

18 Pachelbel's Canon in D

One of the greatest tunes from the Baroque Period. It fits nicely on the uilleann pipes. I start the tune with a drone, which sets a good foundation to build on.


19 Winter's End

Another of my favourite tunes, it was composed by Irish composer Shaun Davey.

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