Robert Dawe in "Don Giovanni" State Opera 2002



Robert Dawe : Bass Baritone

Ashleigh Tobin : Pipe Organ

Recorded at Elder Hall by Gavin O'Loghlen

Mixed and mastered at Locrian Records Lenswood by Gavin O'Loghlen

Produced by Robert Dawe


1 Recit "At last the bounteous sun"
Air "With joy the impatient husbandman"
"Seasons" Haydn

2 Air "How willing my paternal love"
"Samson" Handel

3 Recit "For behold darkness shall cover the earth"
Air "The people that walked in darkness"
"Messiah" Handel

4 Air "Thus Thy day of birth appeareth"
"Cantata 142" Bach

5 Recit "Draw near all ye people"
Air "Lord God of Abraham"
"Elijah" Mendelssohn

6 Air "Vouchsafe O Lord"
"Dettingen TeDeum" Handel

7 Recit "And God said 'Let the earth bring forth'"
Air "Now Heaven in fullest glory shone"
"Creation" Haydn

8 Air "It is enough"
"Elijah" Mendelssohn

9 Air "Shall I in Mamre's fertile plain"
"Joshua" Handel

10 Recit "At evening hour of calm and peace"
Air "Make Thee clean my heart from sin"
"St Matthew Passion" Bach

11 Recit "I Rage"
Air "O ruddier than the cherry"
"Acis and Galatea" Handel


Audio Tracks

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 2 How willing my paternal love - Handel

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 3 The people that walked in darkness - Handel

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 5 Lord God of Abraham - Mendelssohn

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 7 Now Heaven in fullest glory shone - Haydn

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 10 At evening hour of calm and peace- Bach

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Total playing time 53.07

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