Background to the tunes


Tracks featured :

1. Tassie's

Mr Dolph Morris' Strathspey (Peter Kier); Archie Menzies (John Lowe); Tassie's Reel (L.Rankin)

Linda learnt the first tune at the Benalla Winter Fiddle Camp 2003, the secondfrom the Hunter collection and she wrote the last for Tassie her husband Tim's loyal canine companion who passed away in 2003 at the ripe old age of 14.


2. A Regal Pair

Lord Seaforth (old trad) and Lady Binning (trad)

Linda found these two strathspeys in the Skye Collection and found that by playing them slowly they communicated a serene grace and longing.


3. Cape Breton Set

Hey Johnny Cope; Dowd's Favourite; Paresis(all trad); Jamie Rankin (L. Rankin)

Linda learnt the first three tunes from Natalie MacMaster's album "My Roots Are Showing" and added the reel she wrote for her son Jamie soon after his birth.

4. Auld Brig O'Don

Linda learnt this slow stathspey from the Alasdair Fraser CD "Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle".


5. The Dance Set

Lammamuir Hills (M.Johnston); The Iron Man (J. Scott Skinner); McKenzie Hay
(J. Scott Skinner); The Auld Mill(J. Scott Skinner); Brumley Brae
(Cameron Grant); The Fourth Bridge (W. Bligh); Millbrae(R. Cooper)

The first Strathspey Linda learnt from Rita and the second two she learnt from The Hunter collection. The first and last reels she learnt from Alaisdair at Valley of the Moon in 2001 and the others she learnt from sessions with Catherine Fraser.



6. The Dean's Set

The Dean Brig O'Edinburgh (Airchie Allan)Strathspey; Bank's Hornpipe(Parazotti)

Linda found these tunes in the Hunter Collection. The Strathspey Linda chose for its understatedness and she has always wondered which part of Scotland Parazotti hailed from?!!

7. Mrs Jamieson's Favourite

This beautiful Air Linda learnt from Alaisdair at the Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddle School in 2001 and has become one of the tunes that lies closest to her heart.


8. Inverness Gathering

Inverness Gathering; Miss Lyall Strathspey and Reel (trad);Skye BBQ
(Alasdair Fraser); Sound of Mull (trad); High Road to Linton (trad)

The first march Linda learnt from Ernie and the Sound of Mull Linda learnt from the CD "Road to Kintail" by Alasdair Fraser and Tony MacManus and the other tunes she has picked up from various sessions

9. Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Dundee; Piobrachd of Donald Dhu (trad); Bean Phedran(trad).

Three great pipe tunes the first two 6/8 marches are among Ernie's favourites and the last tune is a more recent addition.


10. The Journey

The Golden Castle; Julia Delany's (trad); Sacha's Reel (L.Rankin); Tim's Favourite (L.Rankin).

The first tune Linda picked up from a Martin Hayes CD, and the second from Irish flute player Amy Jansen with whom she played in Queensland. The last two she wrote for her daughter Sacha and husband Tim who poked his head round the door one day and said, "I like that one!"


11. Fiddle Club Set

Haughs O Cromdale (trad); Brown Eyes (trad); Spootiskerry(trad)

Traditional Pipe March Linda learnt from Ernie followed by a Scottishe taught by Alaisdair Fraser at The Valley of the Moon 2001 and is taken from traditional mouth music of the Isle of Lewis. The last tune Linda learnt at a
session in California and is a Shetland Reel. The tunes were put together by Linda to teach at the Adelaide Scottish Fiddle Club.

12. The Dark Isle and Fair Maid of Barra

One of Linda's favourite airs accompanied by one of Ernie's favourite piobrachds


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