Gurdy Girl With Friends



Jane Ruckert ­ nyckelharpa, hurdy gurdy, vocals
Danny Spooner
­ vocals, concertina, guitar
Greg Ruckert
- cajon
Jeri Foreman
­ fiddle
Paddy Montgomery
­ bouzouki
Pam Connell
­ button accordion
Morgan Taubert
­ bendir, percussion
Rowan Harding
­ saxophone
Duncan Brown
­ vocals

Jabberwocky Consort:
Jane Ruckert
- voice, hurdy gurdy, clavé.
Imogen Telfer
- flute, sopranino recorder, descant recorder, tenor recorder, egg shaker, small saucepan lid, an Encyclopedic Dictionary, wood block, scissors.
Jack Schiller
- bassoon, clarinet in Bb, party whistle, whip, scissors.
Jeri Foreman
- viola, ratchet, guiro, kazoo.
Riley Sutton
- voice, paper, electric mixer, empty balloon, inflated balloon, pin, hose-horn, saucepan, cardboard box, bicycle pump, cup of water, staplers.
Robin Parkin
- piano, harpsichord, flute, duct tape, paper, kazoo, high-pitched bell, door frame, hose-horn.
Caitlin Morrison
- piano accordion, cello, toy drum, kazoo, scissors, ratchet.
Anna Butterss
- double bass, toy shaker-drum, pencil case, kazoo.
David Lang
­ Composer, fingernails on piano strings.


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gavin O'Loghlen at Locrian Records, Lenswood, South Australia
December 2008 / April 2009
Produced by Jane Ruckert and Gavin O'Loghlen
The copyright of this sound recording is owned by Jane Ruckert © 2009



Twa Corbies 3.10
Trollpolska 3.06
Yea ho little fish 2.57
Captains Courageous 6.43
Piqué la baleine 3.43
Ben Durdi 6.38
The Teeside Bridges 4.26
Havet sväller 4.29
The Prostitute Song 2.10
Emma/Five Jump/Sven Sture 5.50
Broom Beezums 2.26
Jabberwocky 9.12
Total playing time: 55 minutes


Audio Tracks

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MP3 format 66k,

The actual CD sound quality is vastly superior to these samples

CDs are 44.1k, 20 bit, stereo


2 Trollpolska

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4 Captains Courageous

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10 Emma

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11 Broom Beezums

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