Tips for choosing your music

Calculate the number of beats per minute your horse best performs at walk, trot and canter.

Choose music that is close to the tempo of the walk, trot and canter components. If your music is sped up too much it can sound silly. Conversely if slowed too much it drags. Also in both cases there is an increased incidence of digital glitches if the music is changed by more than about 10% in speed.

Instrumental music is better than vocal particularly if you wish to speed up the music or slow it down. It also sounds odd if you cut a sentence in half.

Choose musical pieces with a similar range of instruments (don't jump from classical to jazz to heavy metal!)

Plan a theme for your freestyle dressage and let the music reflect it.

Cross fading the music allows your horse to adjust stride a little easier than a sharp change in tempo.

Keep within your time limits!!

Try to end your performance with a climatic piece rather than fading the music out. It often works best to fade the last section in halfway through the track and run that track to the end or to the climax in the music.

Give yourself the competitive edge in your next competition

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