Honey Boy Jim - Electric and acoustic guitars, additional keyboards "Loving Ways Today" "Warriors of Enchantment"
English, Latin & Bulgarian vocals

Big Tom - Bass and lead vocals on "Death"

Paul Deeble - Drums and percussion

Guest musicians:

Gavin O'Loghlen - Arp & Prophet synths, keyboards, vocoders, Irish whistles, Latin backing vocals

Vlad Alexic - Zither "Universal Love" "Crying for my Woman"

Matt Spencer - Death growl "Going Crazy"


Recorded , mixed and mastered Locrian Records, Lenswood by Gavin O'Loghlen.

Produced by Jim Petkoff, Tom Petkoff, Gavin O'Loghlen.

Artwork : Paul Herabrand (front cover "Divine Waters"); Melo ("Indian Chief")
Summer ("Elfin Lady"); Anne Dormer ("Loving Ways Today").
Gavin O'Loghlen (graphic design)
Layout & artistic concept - Jim Petkoff , Tom Petkoff, Gavin O'Loghlen.

Preproduction: House of Sap - Engineer Louis Panayiotou

All music and words composed by Jim Petkoff
* except "Death" lyrics Atanas (Tom) Petkoff
and music "King of the Darkest Night" Jim Petkoff / Gavin O'Loghlen

Indian Chief inspired by Dee Brown's "Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee".
Lady of the Sea dedicated to the spirit and grace of Jimi Hendrix and our home by the sea - Henley Beach.
Dedicated to Oglo the cat for never giving up.



Audio Tracks

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Quicktime format 22k, 8 bit, mono

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CDs are 44.1k, 16 bit, stereo

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 1. Universal Love 5.50

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 4. Queen of the Night 4.56

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 5. Loving Ways Today 5.28

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 7. Evil in the Sky 5.55

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8. Lady in Black 5.55

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Total playing time 85 minutes

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