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DISK 1 - When angels sing ........


1. Universal Love

Symphonic anthem with layers of guitars and keyboards

Feel the love across the universe of time wave of hope so divine
In the stars above we fly alongside a dove flying to you to bring us it's love
New born baby born in the world what hope can you have there is faith waiting for you

2. Going Crazy

Power rock

Going crazy losing my mind searching in the dark no key I can find.
Madness chasing me in the corridors of my brain show me the way home I think I am insane
Said you were my friend but will you love me to the end?
Blood is raining down from the skies when will they stop feeding me these lies?
I'm going insane - if you don't mind now must feel the pain
What is the reason of wrong and right tell me now if I'm alright


3. Why did you cry tonight?

Power rock

Is there something I should know why you cry tonight try to love you baby and hold you tight
You feel so out of reach can't you feel the heat?
Got to love you baby can't you feel the beat? Nights are long and days are short time's slipping away
I don't want to love you baby if it makes you blue for me to stay.
There's an open road straight to my heart
I've got to love you baby but it tore me all apart.
Cold wind in your hair misty breeze ain't got no care talk about the love in the night lets make it right now.
Why did you cry tonight? Why will you cry tonight?
I hear you crying woman I hear you crying girl I hear you crying baby
I hear you crying so gently

4. Queen of the night

Power rock

Star shining bright you ride the wave
many heard to say you lead the brave.
You smile at me I know you see
dreams and desires just won't let me be.
Queen of the night are you alone
like me shall we fight to be free?
When I was young I felt so strong
now I don't know where I belong.
Visions of yesterday you just can't buy
you see the future you never lie.
I ride the highway thoughts pass me by
days of my youth waving me goodbye.


5. Loving ways today

Smooth progressive Doors style

I always turn to run when I'm not so sure
my heart is feeling a pain that I know your smile can cure
Never thought I'd find a girl quite like you
through my misty haze I see your loving ways
Can a love so strong ever be so true?
Will it make me sad and will it make me blue?
If I turn to run please try not to cry
'cause I'll come running back because your loving makes me high.
Birds and bees will sing sun will want to shine
look on straight ahead loving we can find
My Loving Ways Today.....


6. Crying for my woman

Power rock

I cry for my woman all alone in the dark visions of you walking through the park
you showed me love and fed it to my heart feels like you cut me and tore me all apart
Mountains fall in the sea all around me sweet girl of my world now I'm lonely to be
I'm crying for my woman....
Trying to move on but the more that I see we were made for each other forever to be
Star woman hear my call I am fading away does the tarot lady speak of my return
she knows the way that my poor heart burn
Mountains fall in the sea.....
You say our time together has come to an end losing a lover my best of friends
beauty is her name softness is her rain gentle is her pain will she call my name
I want to fly down on the wings of an eagle and bring you to a special place
I want to touch you with the soul of an angel all your tender touch was it just too much.
When I awake the sun is risen pray for my sins to be forgiven
Mountains fall in the sea all around me sweet girl of my world lonely to be
I'm crying for my woman.....

7. Evil in the sky

Symphonic metal

Wizard at the top of the hill witch casts a spell can she stop the kill
River tells secrets do not lie people in the village run to hide
'cause there's evil, evil in the sky
Demons coming from the centre of the earth fire,
brimstone fanning their flames
thunder lightning people they run
holy man calls out the names
Heaven's gates open angels fly
come to stop the people cry spreading love all around people rejoice
God they have found.


8. Lady in black

Celtic metal

Lady in black your light shines the western sky
the waves roll to the beach to the hills
your spirit flies sometimes so sad, so beautiful and aware
are your thoughts in a paradise of some mystical fair.
Spirits laughing and dancing you dream of love and romancing
still you turn to run from the midday sun
in the night you hear soft singing in your ears

See the good rising to heal those alone who feel so weak you do not
forget the strong 'cause within us the truth we seek

Through the forest of wonder an emerald mist fills the air
don't be afraid to express thoughts of love and care
long winding bridge over a river crystal blue
tired and hungry I walk on back to you.

DISK 2 - .....warriors cry


9. King of the darkest night

Lush symphonic ballad

I miss the warmth the sweet embrace the safety of this holy place
the tender walls of love desire which heal our souls and set them on fire
We played with stars and feelings deep we made love then we choose to weep
Endless hours and memories shine bright when I was your king in your darkest night

10. Lost Princess

Power metal

I hear the wind howling tonight,
princess in darkness she search for the light
stares at the stars up above her broken heart crying out for love
white knight scales the wall many will try and many will fall
king of darkness he waits for the fight his army of puppets they march through the night

Mountains they tumble from the force, the sea clears a path for his heavenly horse
raises his sword towards the moonlight, he lost his way now he must set it right
majestical lady the tears you will cry watching the sadness fall from the sky
he takes your hand you melt into his body, ride to the mountains to make a new start

The king and his army they march through the night singing battle cries of their might
they search in vain nothing they find, lovers embrace because their love is so blind
Love is so blind - my love is true


11. Sacred Winds

World music chants

(North American Indian)
Wa kan kan yan wa on we wa kan kan ya wa
on ne malipiya ta wa kita ye wa kan
kan ya wa on mi ta sun ke oto ye lo he
In sacred manner I live to the heavens I gazed
In sacred manner I live my horses are plenty

12. Indian chief

Power rock

In the time when the Sitting Bull rose, in the time when the Crazy Horse howled
in the day that the Red Cloud came, it could never be the same again.
Now we're crying, now we're dying, now we're fighting, thunder and lightning
In the time when the grass was green, in the moon when the sky was blue
in the day when the buffalo roamed, with the spirit we were one.
Indian chief at the top of the hill, down below his people's blood they spill
holds his people in the palm of his hand, they love him he makes them understand
bullets and bows collide in the air, run women, children you must beware
warrior men together they ride, Indian spirit by their side
tell me why must they die, tell me why must they cry, oh together we die
In the day the waters healed, in the moon when our fate was sealed
in the day that one Law ruled, was the hour we all got fooled
In the time that hope will come, in the moon when we will be one
in the day when the sun shall shine, is when the heavens will show us divine.
And the four winds shall blow and the new moon shall come
and the sky will be bight for the light of the chosen one.


13. Death

Heavy metal with Gregorian chants

Death.... Life.... Death.... Life....
You can't run you can't hide from the keepers of souls
No! No! Death.... Life.... Death.... Life....
Death.... Life.... Death.... Life....
No matter how many pills you take no matter how many spoons you burn
it won't change a thing until your demons die
Death.... Life.... Death.... Life....
De profundis clamani ad te exaudi vocem meam
(Out of the depth have I cried unto you - hear my voice)
Dies irae, deus illa sovet saeclum in favilla
(Lo the day of wrath - that day shall the world in ashes lay)
Vidish ka plachiet za tebe kogata azi vurvim tiho sus angela
(See how they cry for you with an angel I softly walk)
Death.... Life.... Death.... Life....
I'm sorry that I did not come to you to tell you how much I loved you
but I ran, ran away into my mind hoping that it go away, go away
Death.... Life.... Death.... Life....
You choose


14. Warriors of enchantment

Jim Morrison style monologue

Oh my lady of the sea only you can see
sorrow of emotion mystic waves open doors
of yesterday morbid moon bring back
my baby soon I knew you in ancient times
fields were green plains unroamed kings
would cry queens would blush ladies
laughed wise warriors at the doors of time
they believe will not deceive oh my lady come again
let us ride the wave to try to save those in darkness in light who cannot see black nor white upon my horse I ride his spirit wild and free

15. Lady of the sea

Shades of Jimi Hendrix in a sea of sounds



16. Soft lonely love

Lush ballad with spoken voices

Soft mountain dew of a love I once knew I picture her in black riding the horse we both love
the night queen her flame, her beauty her elegance her soft way.
Child do you search a dark moon do you wish to be a princess, a mother, a child, a woman of the world?
Shadows of my regret emptiness in my soul I still feel your presence your soft sun lady ways.
(Bulgarian vocals)
A zi vurevm na mesechi na ta sus nuchia kon I zvezdite svetete na nebeto
(I walk with our horse in the moonlight the stars they shine in the night time sky)


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