Life started back in 1994 in Adelaide, South Australia. The band's first two CDs "Is Anyone Listening?" (1995) and "Sea of Lights" (1997) touched on blues, rock, funk, metal, ambient and progressive styles. This was followed by a short tour of America's west coast in March/April 1999 due to interest generated from the band's "Sea of Lights" EP which achieved airplay on American college and alternative radio and was also syndicated across 20 states. The band has also received airplay in Europe and Brazil.


The original Loving Tongue trio of Honey Boy Jim (guitar/vox), Big Tom (bass/vox) and Paul Deeble recorded its first two releases. Christian Jones joined in 1998 and performed during the USA tour. Paul Deeble returned to begin recording The Loving Tongue's third CD "Distant Dreams" in late 1999.

The band changed direction incorporating a classic hard rock and progressive metal sound with doses of world music. After the band changed studios in late 2000 they began working with Gavin O'Loghlen at Locrian Records located in the mystical valleys of the Adelaide Hills.

With much soul searching and an abundance of material the band has recorded a studio double album CD "Distant Dreams", a journey which weaves its way through epic rock, metal and a tapestry of romanticism, organic Celtic rhythms and ambient themes.

To the power trio format were added Arp and Prophet synths, keyboards and Irish whistle provided by Gavin O'Loghlen with zither and sitar by Vlad Alexic. The band has created a mythical journey through its many themes mixing operatic and death metal vocals with English, Latin and Slavic languages and styles.

Shades of Led Zeppelin, Tea Party, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Jimi Hendrix, Uriah Heep, Dio, Symphony X, Blind Guardian and Rhapsody can be heard tastefully in its own exciting sound and melting pot of real life and fantasy lyrics.




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