My Mother's Country

Gavin O'Loghlen & Cotters Bequest

"A trip of sheer delight"

If there is a group in Australia that performs original Celtic music better than this Adelaide based ensemble, these ears are yet to hear it.

The third recording from an enterprise that began life as Loch'rien, a band devoted to Scottish Celtic music, it takes the musicianship of founder and leader Gavin O'Loghlen and his enviably talented singers and instrumentalists to new heights.

Cannily divided into a constantly changing mix of instrumental and vocal songs, the album is a glorious showcase of the creativity and performance expertise of the man who is the heart and soul of Cotters Bequest.

Every note played and each word sung - several by O'Loghlen, who shares the role of lead vocalist with Angelee Theodoros - are from his seemingly ever-active pen.

Refreshingly innovative rather than tiresomely imitative, O'Loghlen uses five Celtic languages plus English to sonically illustrate an exhilarating journey through ancient monuments in Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, England and the Isle of Man.

It is a trip of sheer delight.

Bob Crimeen - Sunday Herald Sun, Melbourne, Australia


What the other critics have said :

"Majestic music, moving lyrics and OUTSTANDING musicianship! The homelands of our Celtic ancestors are not the only places where musical genius exists!"

Jean Jolliffe - 1st Vice President, The Cornish American Heritage Society, USA


" In their sweeping melodies Cotters Bequest have invoked the legendary spirits of Cornwall."

Philip Hosken - Editor - Cornish World, Cornwall


" An excellent offering of contemporary Celtic music from the very talented Australian Celtic band Cotter's Bequest"

Lorraine MacDonald - Dalriada Magazine, Isle of Arran, Scotland


" This album is a very welcome contribution to Celtic-based music,and should create interest in the language and background of Celtic cultures that are less well-known than the Irish"

Cerdd Ystwyth - Wales


" My Mother's Country" captures perfectly the poignancy of the Celtic emigre experience through musicianship in the best tradition of Clannad and Figgy Duff. "

Ann Colby - Central Florida Scottish Highland Games, USA


"One of the most beautiful albums I have had the pleasure to hear . I would recommend it to all."

Sue Brown - Toledo Irish Society, USA

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