Connecting Spirits - Songs of Remembrance - Rita Lindsay and Flo Bourke



Flo Bourke : Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, piano, vocals

Rita Lindsay : Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, vocals

Michael Lindsay : Drums
Major Sumner : Yidaki (Didgeridoo), Boomerangs, voice
Tom Trevorrow : Spoken voice
Scott Palin : Acoustic guitars
Choir : Tom Trevorrow, Ellen Trevorrow, Rita Lindsay Snr, Alice Abdulla, Noreen Kartinyeri, Kathleen Sansbury, John Sansbury, Dora Hunter, Bronwyn (Hunter) Newey, Michael Lindsay, Audrey Lindsay
Gavin O'Loghlen : Bass, drums, acoustic guitars, piano, Hammond, Mellotron, accordion, keyboards, highland pipes.

Recorded at Locrian Records, Lenswood, SA
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gavin O'Loghlen
Produced by Flo Bourke, Rita Lindsay and Gavin O'Loghlen



1. 20th Century Catastrophe 4:11
2. Commemoration Story 2:31
3. God be with you till we meet again 2:47
4. The Boy Soldier 3:55
5. A Soldier of the War 2:54
6. Talbot House 7:32
7. One Minute's Silence 2:36
8. Lost Soul 4:13
9. IL Wulde Tjerlar (On Eagle's Wings) 4:04
10. Same War 6:03
11. Connecting the Spirits 2:32
12. Dear Soldier 3:32
13. Lament 1:50
14. Rivers of Tears 3:10
15. Homecoming Truths 5:08
16. Aboriginal Soldiers 3:08
17. Your Words (From Changi) 3:12
Total Playing Time: 62 minutes


Audio Tracks

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MP3 format 66k,

The actual CD sound quality is vastly superior to these samples

CDs are 44.1k, 20 bit, stereo


1 20th Century Catastrophe

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2 Commemoration Story

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4 The Boy Soldier

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9 IL Wulde Tjerlar (On Eagle's Wings)

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15 Homecoming Truths

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17 Your Words (From Changi)

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