Claire McLoughlin :
Acoustic guitars
D whistle
lead and harmony vocals.  

Pete Starling :
Backing vocals

Gavin O'Loghlen :
Bass, grand piano, Hammond organ, mellotron, harpsichord, keyboards, A Bb and C Irish whistles, shawm, Scottish smallpipes A C and D, low whistles D and F, flute, recorder, button accordion, bodhran, percussion, drums.

All words and music written by Claire McLoughlin.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gavin O'Loghlen at Locrian Records, Lenswood, South Australia 5240
Feb 2007 - March 2010
Produced by Claire McLoughlin and Gavin O'Loghlen
The copyright of this sound recording is owned by Claire McLoughlin © 2010 ® 2010
All original Australian Compositions

Special thanks to:
Gavin O'Loghlen for arrangements, recording and instruments
Gavin O'Loghlen artwork and booklet design.
Barbara Guy proof reading
Judith Wigzell historical and local history research
Robyn Gill for musical assistance, support and encouragement
Pete Starling for vocals and seafaring terms



1 Oh Darlin' 4.50
2 Celestial Skies 3.19
3 Tell me 3.22
4 You are the reason 4.05
5 Fragile 4.43
6 Change me 4.29
7 More than words can say 3.01
8 Gentle Shepherd 4.17
9 The Miner 4.25
10 In the Stillness 6.51
11 Servant maid 4.53
12 To be sure, to be shore 4.07

Playing Time : 53 minutes


Audio Tracks

Please Note: All samples are of a very reduced sound quality

MP3 format 64kbps,

The actual CD sound quality is vastly superior to these samples

CDs are 44.1KHz, 16 bit, stereo


1 Oh Darlin'

 play sample

 2 Celestial Skies

 play sample

3 Tell me

 play sample

 4 You are the reason

 play sample

 5 Fragile

 play sample

 6 Change me

 play sample

 7 More than words can say

 play sample

 8 Gentle Shepherd

 play sample

 9 The Miner

 play sample

10 In the Stillness

 play sample

11 Servant maid

 play sample

12 To be sure, to be shore

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